Jesus am Kreuz


Oil on canvas

200 x 160 cm (78 3/4 x 63 in.)

In bright yellow, green and red, Jesus am Kreuz depicts Christ on a truncated cross. His schematic limbs allow us to better focus on his coarse face.

In the same vein as Maria mit Jesuskind (1987), this oil on canvas by Otto Muehl, a fervent supporter of Viennese Actionism, bluntly attacks Christian values and motifs. Broad swaths of bright colours and the reduction of anatomical motifs to simple contours with black lines share the aesthetics of silkscreen printing. Christ sheds his pathetic, sacred dimension in favour of informal, minimalist and symbol-free painting.

Jesus am Kreuz, which is in the Pinault Collection along with Maria mit Jesuskind, was shown in the major 2009 group exhibition "Mapping the Studio" at the Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi in Venice.