Flying Curve, Differential Manifold


Acrylic on acrylic with powder coated steel, freestanding sculpture

243.8 x 914.4 x 455.3 cm (96 x 360 x 179 1/4 in.)

The monumental painting Flying Curve, Differential Manifold looks as though it is moving. It pulls the viewer’s eye into a kaleidoscopic race. The painted plexiglass panel is mounted on a white support over nine meters long that is skilfully designed to create a sense of motion.

Inspired in part by Duchamp's painting on canvas Tu m' (1918), Flying Curve, Differential Manifold evokes Baker's fascination with racing cars. As its title suggests, the work is driven, he says, by the desire "to create the impression that the paint is flying off the wall [...], in order to highlight the experience of painting while suggesting the sensation of speed".

Set apart from Baker's previous works by its abstract character, Flying Curve, Differential Manifold expresses the racing world’s chaos and speed with striking visual effects. This work in the Pinault Collection was exhibited for the first time during the "Sequence 1" show at the Palazzo Grassi in 2007.