Sans titre


Acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm (39 3/8 x 39 3/8 in.)

In the centre of a 100 x 100 cm white canvas, a minimalist black circle breaks the monochrome harmony. Its almost enigmatic presence gives the work a hypnotic dimension.

This work reflects Olivier Mossert’s radical approach to painting. In 1966 he joined the BMPT group, which aimed to break down painting’s conventions in order to tell its truth. His method consisted of reproducing a black circle on a white background in the same square format for eight years. In this smooth painting, which leaves no room for accidents, Mossert seeks to objectify the pictorial medium in its most extreme neutrality.

Acquired by the Pinault Collection, Untitled will be presented for the first time during the “Au-delà de la couleur” ("Beyond Colour") show at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes in June 2021.

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