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130 x 314 cm (51 3/16 x 123 5/8 in.)

A boa and a python’s moulted skins form a circular pattern. The larger skin seems to "give birth" to the drawing of a large blood-red skeleton, which connects it to the smaller one. The smaller, transparent skin reveals gold leaves, as if it were digesting.

This drawing recalls Huang Yong Ping's monumental depictions of snakes, such as the gigantic skeleton he installed in the nave of the Grand Palais for the seventh Monumenta. It features one of his favourite themes, moulting. Evoking rebirth and the Taoist idea of world change, here it is combined with gold, which ancient civilizations used in funeral rites.

Huang Yong Ping's Untitled is a deeply symbolic painting that makes the link between birth and death explicit. It was presented for the first time by the Pinault Collection at the “Reliquaires” (“Reliquaries”) show at the Laennec Hospital Chapel in Paris (2018).