16mm film transferred to HD video, color

22min. 41sec.

Nearly invisible stick insects are filmed moving around inside geometric human structures and in nature. Daniel Steegmann Mangrané plays with the appearance and disappearance of these sensitive beings and masters of disguise that become, through perception, almost vegetal.

Like Espaço avenca and Growing Economies, Phasmides reflects his ecological concerns. He apparently saw this twig- or leaf-like insect on a visit to the Museu do Açude in Rio. Its swift disappearance led him to rethink the status of the image, which he expresses here with cellulose, the film's organic component.

Steegmann Mangrané's video Phasmides is being presented for the first time by the Pinault Collection during the exhibition “Untitled, 2020” at the Punta della Dogana (2020).