"No chicken please, "we're born Again Vegan."


Cardboard collage, sign, and acrylic on canvas

196.2 x 285.8 cm (77 1/4 x 112 1/2 in.)

Combining collage and painting, No Chicken Please, We're Born-Again Vegans clearly demonstrates the diversity of work by Taylor, who is deeply concerned about his fellow Black Americans.

This work is a stark critique of consumer society. Taylor often integrates elements of popular culture into his scenes of everyday life. The painting’s central figure is famous: Harland Sanders, founder of a huge fast-food chain whose face is his company's logo. The work raises the still-topical question of the debate on food. This time, it takes on a racial dimension by depicting the iconic (white) figure of a fast-food chain that is very popular with Black people. The title is an offbeat reference to the Hindu and Buddhist theory of the transmigration of souls.

Both critical and ironic, No Chicken Please, We're Born-Again Vegans appeared at the "Debout !" ("Stand Up!") exhibition at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes in 2018.
  • Debout !

    Couvent des Jacobins