Le Manteau d'Alberto


Anasol green marble (Spain)

184 x 57 x 84 cm

The flowing shapes of the marble cape suggest the roundness of a head in the neckline – reminding of the makeshift protection offered by clothing pulled over the head in the absence of an umbrella. Now the story told by Le Manteau D’Alberto (Alberto’s Cape) is of this kind, as it is inspired by the image “of a woman in Vancouver, crossing the road in the rain, with her cape pulled over her head” and the famous photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson immortalising Giacometti rushing to his studio in the rain.

With memory as the subject, Guillaume Leblon develops a work that is first of all narrative. Sculptures, installations, videos or paintings are all media through which he tells his personal experience and the many “small stories” that shape collective memory.

The sculpture Le Manteau D’Alberto, made by Guillaume Leblon is part of the Pinault Collection. It was first shown at the 2016 “Accrochage” ("Hanging") exhibition at the Punta della Dogana.