Essere vento (To Be Wind)


Petrified tree, natural grain of sand and sculpted grain of sand

123 × 60 cm (48 7/16 × 23 5/8 in.)

The print of Giuseppe Penone's right hand holding two perfectly identical grains of sand is on a petrified tree trunk. But the similarity is unnatural: each grain has a unique shape. Duplicated, the grain of sand seems to materialise human beings’ impact on nature.

Penone, using a wide range of materials, focuses on natural phenomena. The Italian artist considers the tree, a key element in his work, "the simplest, most original idea of vitality, culture and sculpture”. In Essere Vento, he is interested in "the identity of a grain of sand carved by the wind; the identity of each breath of wind imprinted on the countless number of grains of sand, a number physically incalculable by man.”

Essere Vento was exhibited for the first time by the Pinault Collection during the “Reliquaries” (“Reliquaries”) show at the Laennec Hospital Chapel in Paris (2018).
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