Damaged Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

130 x 420 x 180 cm (51 3/16 x 165 3/8 x 70 7/8 in.)

Bertrand Lavier's work is based on what he calls "building sites". They are groups that co-exist with each other and to which the artist can return at any time.

Dino (“Dinosaur”), recovered as is from a scrap yard, is part of the artist’s "ready-destroyed" project, a continuation of the "ready-made" theme. "The explosion of the ready-made makes death unacceptable," the artist says. He chose a legendary, extremely expensive car wrecked in a crash that did not cause any deaths or serious injuries but produces quite a powerful emotional charge and suggests a story just by looking at it. Dino’s strong visual impact, its underlying narrative and the creative process that was involved in making it challenge our assumptions about the status of a work of art.

Exhibited for the first time during the "Debout !" ("Stand Up!") show at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes in 2018, Dino is one of Lavier's most spectacular "building sites".
  • Debout !

    Couvent des Jacobins