Candle (Dancing Smoke)


Cast bronze, stainless steel, steel, polyurethane paint

181 × 178 × 228 cm (71 1/4 × 70 1/16 × 89 3/4 in.)

An oversized metal sculpture with gold highlights imitating the look of melted wax spreads out on the ground in wide, thick puddles as a stem at the top starts to sag.

The bronze and steel sculpture Candle (Dancing Smoke) attests to Mark Handforth's interest in large-scale works, as if to better impose them on the viewer's perception. They are often made of metal or salvaged objects. Handforth focuses on the humblest subjects from everyday life. Here he turns a simple snuffed out candle into a powerful, almost abstract work of art.

Candle (Dancing Smoke) was presented for the first time by the Pinault Collection during the 2009 major collective show "Mapping the studio" at the Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi in Venice.
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