Alternate Diagonals of March 2, 1964 (to Don Judd)


Red and gold fluorescent light

Diagonal dimension: 365.8 cm

A two-tone, 3.60-meter long diagonal crosses the wall. A yellow neon tube comes out of an assemblage of four red neon lights aligned next to each other, twice as long as them. Light and color are at the core of this artwork, sculpting the space and inviting the viewer to move through them.

In 1964, Dan Flavin dedicates four artworks titled Alternate Diagonals of March 2, 1964 (to Don Judd) to Donald Judd, his contemporary. The title highlights the close artistic relationship between the two minimalist artists. In this sculpture, the shape of the red neon tubes reminds of certain works by Judd, such as Untitled (Floor Box With Slotted Through), which was made earlier and is also held in the Pinault Collection.

Dan Flavin's Alternate Diagonals of March 2, 1964 was first shown in 2006 at the Where Are We Going? exhibition at Palazzo Grassi, in Venice.