Cindy Sherman: Early Works

Gucci Museo

Curated by
Francesca Amphitheatrof

For her first series produced in 1976, when she graduated from the State University of New York Buffalo, Cindy Sherman gets dressed up, with a lot of cosmetics and make-up. By the multiplicity of its roles - artist, model, photographer - she is both subject and creator, and imposes a distance from the very representation it offers. She thus brings another dimension to these images, denouncing the fatherly and macho vision of a society dominated by men. Through her innovative work, she suggests that all identity is a construction.

This exhibition was a rare opportunity to understand the genesis of Sherman’s work and to grasp the singularity of his artistic approach. His work has a special place in the Pinault Collection and has been shown several times, notably during the exhibition "Dancing with Myself", which took place at the Punta della Dogana in 2018, showing the film Doll Clothes (1975), the series Bus Riders (1976) and Murder Mystery People (1979).

Artworks in the Cindy Sherman: Early Works exhibition