Uomo Duomo



1min. 34sec.

Despite its brevity, Uomoduomo, a video of a man sleeping on a bench in Milan’s cathedral, draws a physical and social portrait of its protagonist. Caught in a vulnerable moment, the elderly man is hunched over, visibly frail and possibly homeless. His jerks and sudden movements betray a restless sleep.

True to the spirit of work by Anri Sala, whose discreet camera captures marginal realities, always in a minor key, these stolen images focus on someone who in his daily life certainly goes unnoticed. This is underscored by the indifference of the passers-by in the background.

Part of the Pinault Collection, Uomoduomo was shown at the 2012 "Parole des Images" (“Word of Images”) show devoted to the moving image at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice.