Wood, fabric, pair of plastic shoes, engine

231 x 155 x 37 cm (90 15/16 x 61 x 14 9/16 in.)

Behind a large blue curtain hides a clown, whose exuberant shoes stick out slightly. His presence behind the curtain is discernible from the sound of a heartbeat filling the exhibition space.

As Friedrich Kunath explains, it is impossible to hide and run away from love, represented here in the form of the heartbeat produced by a mechanical engine hidden behind the curtain. Through a very simple installation, at once grotesque and poetic, the artist sends a message that is both intimate and universal, in the form of a joke.

The work of Friedrich Kunath in the Pinault Collection was presented at the Palazzo Grassi at the "Le Monde vous appartient" (“The World Belongs to You”) exhibition (2011-2012).
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