Acrylic and charcoal on canvas

194.3 x 304.8 cm (76 1/2 x 120 in.)

A fantastic dance party mixing the living, machines and the abstract unfolds in a colorful chaos on a timeless stage. This painting is testament to the great visual force of Iraqi artist (exiled in the United States) Ahmed Alsoudani's pictorial work. It also attests to his desire to follow up on the history of 20th century art.

With its frenetic, tormented manner, this artwork is reminiscent of Arshile Gorky and Francis Bacon; it also echoes the dynamic investigations of Cubism. The artist has further explored this explosive world in which he mixes painting and charcoal in a series of similar paintings also held in the Pinault Collection. Each of his unsettling compositions, artfully intertwined, requires heightened attention from viewers in order to fully grasp their disturbing strangeness.

Held in the Pinault Collection, Untitled was presented along with its series at the group show À Triple tour. Collection Pinault (“triple locked”) at the Paris Conciergerie, in 2013.
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