Acrylic, UV print, aluminum artist’s frame

170,8 × 140,3 × 3,8 cm

Anicka Yi, an American artist of South Korean origin, has developed a biology-inspired artistic practice that explores the porosity between the living and the artificial. The holographic paintings from the series “ÄLñ§ñ”, neither figurative nor abstract, are the product of a collaboration between the artist and an artificial intelligence consisting of algorithms fed by earlier works and a variety of images (cells, algae, minerals, etc.). Each algorithm acts as a layer of digital “paint” applied by the artist ; the physical painting is then made with reflecting and transparent effects that render the material almost organic as they create the sensation of a moving relief. This series plays with the myth of painting as sanctifying the concept of a single author. In these paintings, Anicka Yi makes room for intentions that are not human.