Sein illuminé


Resin, light bulb, electric wires and metal

46 x 28 x 17 cm

A single breast grows out of a curving stem. The small sculpture's reverse side reveals its function as a lighting fixture as well as another anthropomorphic motif: the lower part of a red-lipped female face. 

This hybrid lamp is a cross between Surrealism and New Realism, which Alina Szapocznikow experimented with during her long stay in Paris. It attests to the visual experiments the Polish artist carried out on her own body throughout her work. The breast and face are fragmented into countless polyurethane resin casts. When turned into objects, they have no choice but to accept their calling as sculptures.

Sein illuminé (Illuminated Breast) is being presented for the first time in the Pinault Collection during the “Untitled, 2020” show at the Punta della Dogana in Venice in 2020.