Ice Lady


Painted photograph

104.5 x 84.5 cm (41 1/8 x 33 1/4 in.)

Sylvie Vartan is aglow, surrounded by bright rays of light. This portrait by Pierre & Gilles sanctifies the pop singer. Here they roll out their unique aesthetics in photography, painting and glazing as well as the monumental frame, designed at the same time the photograph was made. Pierre & Gilles build each work’s world by designing and creating the set, costumes and make-up. In a skin-tight, sequin-covered dress, Sylvie Vartan strikes a pose recalling the Virgin Mary on her ascent to Heaven.

References meet and merge to give the French pop star the aura of an ice goddess. Pierre & Gilles said, “We have a taste for the mystical. It’s very hard to separate art and religion.”

The Pinault Collection presented Pierre & Gilles’ Ice Lady for the first time at the Tri Postal in Lille during the 2008 “Passage du temps” (‘Passage of Time”) show.